This is a review of "Subtractive" recorded by Anechoic. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

How do you know a good CD? How do you know that when you first play a song it is going to be one you will play again and again? You no doubt have your own answers, but whatever your method of determining life impacting tunes, your scale would be hard pressed not to be tweaked by the shear beauty crafted by Anechoic.

Subtle genius, hair tingling brilliance. As a musician this the kind of CD that paints you a jealous streak, "How dare they produce something this good?"

Four songs that would comfortably muscle their way in between the likes of Elbow, Radiohead and Coldplay and then kindly ask them to leave. You boys have a million pounds to spend on your bonfires and we're going to piss on them with our home brew.

To call opener "Just like you" the weaker of 4 suggests some flaw but it has to live up to such high standards in the superb "Threadbare" and the best song by an unsigned band for years "Broken Biscuits".

The music industry is missing out by not ensuring every true music fan has heard of Anechoic. But don't let the industries paper bag slip over your eyes and ears!