This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Lucky Royale. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2005.

Here’s a band that probably spend all their time listening to music from the 60s. Light and playful almost cuddly infused with the desire to churn out classic guitar based sing along pop. While their melodies are unlikely to confuse the most retarded of listeners they initially have a certain cuteness about them, an affection that is hard to put a finger on. The lyrics on “I like You” verge on those of a three-year old child at primary school that has started to grasp English but yet again it is the feel that pulls the song through and keeps you interested.

The remaining tracks are in a style of song writing that has propelled a certain former Libertines front-man into overwhelming and underserved stardom. But while he has managed to get away with it, far too many times the novelty of Lucky Royale’s tunes begin to grate. Almost as if the band ran out of ideas but instead of banging their heads against a brick wall until an idea popped in they just knocked out “Suzy” and “Problematic” hoping that nobody would notice that they absolutely reek of Razorlight and friends.

The fact is that while the first song was a warm welcome the rest are that random family member who has been sleeping in the spare room for six months and keeps eating the cereal.