This is a review of "The World Is Yours EP" recorded by Insert Coin. The review was written by Tom Goodhand in 2005.

Insert Coin sound like they have grown up a lot. Sometime last year they recorded their first demo, and let’s be frank, it was poor. Granted it seemed like they had some good ideas, but it all sounded like it had been recorded by a chimp who couldn’t help but run around with the microphone. Sound-wise this new one is shiny, immaculate and a gargantuan improvement.

So if a good recording equalled a great record, Insert Coin would be sorted. But unfortunately, that would make the likes of the Bedingfields and Club purveyors of some of the world’s finest songs. To be blunt, that’s not how it works. Insert Coin do have some good songs, they just fail to be great songs. ‘Been Like This’ is perhaps the highlight, a nice acoustic number with hand-claps and a very country-ish air to it. You could almost imagine some clueless bastard singing along to it as he drives along the open country roads. Yet somehow, it’s still a good song. Catchy as hell, simple and toe-tappingly good (seriously, try not tapping your feet to this track, you can’t).

The whole EP has a slightly melancholic feel to it, which in turn means we get a lot of meandering. The whole thing tends to move at the pace of a jilted lover who can only walk around with his head down and his feet shuffling. The exception to this is in the instrumental breaks in ‘Yours For The Taking’ where the guitars seem to have a rocket strapped to the back of them, and it all livens up for a few seconds, before slowing back down again.

It’s well played and well made, but this demo needs a kick up the arse and a night on the beer to lighten the mood somewhat.