This is a review of "Bitter Kiss" recorded by Misled Vision. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2003.

The CD cover is black and the font looks rather gothic so I am not expecting any summery pop as I slip Misled Vision's demo into the tray. I don't get any, unsurprisingly. I get some dark and dirty guitar and bass riffage that are quickly joined by some female vocals that sound like they are being strangled out from the singers body rather than elevated from her diaphragm. The keyboard that sidles in for the ride is way down in the mix although that's not necessarily a bad thing as it means you can ignore it easily. There are some gruff growling vocals and just about every metal cliché going but you've heard them all before and done so much better.

The second track 'Hindsight' starts of slower and a little more promising. I'm starting to think that maybe the vocalist can sing after all but her candy sweet voice isn't really suited to the dark, heavy rock we have on offer here. The tunes aren't very original or inspiring, it's all adequately played but there are no moments to make you really sit up and take too much notice. It's all very formulaic of the heavy rock/metal genre. Both songs so far have gone on too long and I'm not holding out much hope of the third track rescuing the package. It doesn't.