This is an archive of the band profile for Band Club.

Chris McKendry
Samantha Reid
Tim Wheeler
Pete Foster
Steve Darke

Sick and tired of seeing groups they could write better songs than, Band Club formed in 2004, with the intention of changing musical history forever. 'A McFly for the McFly generation', 'the new Aswad', 'a credible Rooster (as if one wasn't enough)'... call them what you will, you're probably wrong.
They don't spend three hours making their hair asymmetric, they don't wank over the NME. They write songs with genuinely good lyrics and actual melodies, and put on shows that leave punters with smiles on their faces, and annoyingly catchy choruses in their bonnets.
Imagine Rachel Stevens romping with Kylie Minogue to a Felix Da Housecat track... now there's a picture..