This is an archive of the band profile for Crash Ride.

Drums - Rebecca Verity
Guitar/vocals - Samantha Fozzard
Guitar - Simon Baxter

We are one of the few bands you will find without a bassist. We have a unique, fresh and exhilarating sound that makes you just want to get up and party.
We don't ponder on covers we write 100%, (that's everything by the way) our own material. The entire band is included in the writing, which produces cool licks, amazing riffs and meaningful lyrics of experiences and complications.
We have always been friends from the word go and used to just sit and jam. Then the great opportunity of Bright Young Things arose and we jumped at the idea of actually being handed our instruments and told to go amaze people with our music. We have always dreamed of playing our music to crowds and people outside of our "circle". Wherever there is a chance of playing or writing we pounce on it and let our musical enthusiasm run right through us and be expressed in our songs.
We are only 14 and 15 but we have so much going for us. We love our music and we really hope that this is just the beginning..