This is an archive of the band profile for I Love Poland.

I Love Poland are Marc Almond-style kitchen sink dramas, glam rock, camp electro disco, with experimental pop songs. We want to be famous. It was always one of my aspirations to become more physical. We want to appeal to everyone. I'd like to think we're not only trying to appeal to students and grocers. You can't choose who buys your record - it's in a shop, it could be murderers or bakers. We are going in search of sleaze, We haven't got a sexual obsession. We met after I threw a wobbler when he pissed into a shoebox to see whether it would come out of the corners. It did. Noise is an easy thing to hide behind, if you make a lot of noise and shout behind that, nobody can tell what you're singing. This is show-business after all. We believe that you have a duty to perform, you have to entertain people. But just 'cos someone might wear a sequinned jacket onstage does not mean they are instantly interesting to watch. Do you prefer Twix to Mars?.