This is an archive of the band profile for Jerico*.

Danny Yates - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Jono Yates - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tom Emmett - Bass Guitar
Nici Todd - Drums

Jerico* are a mixture of post punk / indie rock. All bringing their own influences to create this special sound. The songs have lyrics aching of real life mixed with mesmerising melodies and guitar riffs that you just can't get out of your head.

After playing major festivals, supporting signed bands (Keane, The Delays, Alfie and The Stands) and working with producers (Dave Creffield, Embrace and Howie B, U2), it all started in May 2004 with the two brothers. Tired of waiting around for uncommitted musicians, they decided to go it alone. Now with a new band, they are back on the road to success.

With Leeds, Manchester and London dates ready and waiting, and with major and independent labels hot at their heels it's just a matter of time before everything starts to happen for this band..