This is an archive of the band profile for Unexploded Shells.

Unexploded Shells consists of Tim Corbridge (guitar), Andy Dykes (drums), Mark Sturdy (vocals, guitar) and Steve Walsh (bass). We make music in small-time gig venues and cheap basement recording studios around Leeds and have been doing so for a couple of years, having found each other in late 2004 through the Leeds' famously incestuous underground network of fanzines, bands, people-who-know-people and women's clothing shops. Shared influences are few and far between.

We keep getting ace reviews because we are ace:

"...definitely one of the best bands in Leeds" - Victoria Holdsworth, Leeds Music Scene

"...a shadowy kinda chirp, like Stuffy/The Fuses doing nothing but Ray Davies tunes... a climbing, loop-da-loop guitar tring that's been coated with an untickleably straight sort of vocal... a brittle, semi-circular Coxon-esque swing." - Vanity Project

"Remained too much over a long time span in the attended battery of CD in of book review, the Unexploded Shells confirms the state of health and the imprevedibilità of the fertile scene of Leeds" -

"a slacker outlook wrought from a wry humour and total faith in just doing stuff as differently as possible. Charming, depressing, exciting and deliberately conservative at every move, Unexploded Shells have hit on the fact that not making "hits" can actually work - Kings of a new science." - 4/5 Manchester Music

"Simple, effective, clever and rocking. I think that means 'good'." - Unpeeled

"ace... wire meets kinks" - Nick Scott, Rebellious Jukebox

"rhythmic guitars and a cold, dead pan vocal delivery... a breath of fresh air" - Chris Oddy, The Music Guru

"thrillingly acidic, skewered and abrasive... fiercely confident, asymmetrical, pounding backdrop for the observant and nonplussed vocal stylings" - Lauren Strain, Leeds Music Scene

A selection of tracks from our recordings so far is available to listen to on our Myspace page. You can buy our CDs from Jumbo, Crash and Radish, or through our website..