This is a review of "Miracle" recorded by Ali Whitton. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2005.

There's an influx of singer/songwriters at the moment, not just in Leeds but seemingly everywhere. The opening acoustic strum of 'Miracle' is soon followed by Whitton's voice, which contains a distinct quiver to it and gives him and edge from the off, he has an interesting voice and he sounds like Ali Whitton, not someone else. The phrasing is intelligent and is put to good use in combination it his lyrics. His assembled collective of musicians provide a suitable backup as the songs shifts from a purr to a throb. The production could be a little better and whilst there are no infernos here it's clear Whitton at least has a campfire burning brightly to catch people's attention.

'Waiting For The Autumn' seems a little too guitar heavy for me, too much too soon, a little more subtlety would make this song flow with just a touch more grace. It has one of those nice endings that catches you out though.

Alison Cooke gets promoted from backing vocals to centre stage for 'Everything Changes'. The song has a touch more darkness added to the fragility of the first two numbers and gives the CD a depth within it's three tracks, not counting the cheeky hidden track.

The fire is undoubtedly burning but Whitton just needs a little more time to carefully add the fuel and really get things roaring.