This is an archive of the band profile for This Black Velvetine.

Today's equivalent of rock n roll is like having someone roll you onto your back and tickle your belly. This Black Velvetine roll into your house like a hurricane sized wet dream forcing you to steel your dad’s car, crash it a few times, then come home to taste the beauty of the finest columbian marching powder off of your best friend's mum's arse crack.

The assault is lead by the passionate arrogance of vocalist Ryan Mallinson who stalks the stage and spits his lyrics in between doses of Mick Jagger and shots of Back in Black. Playing the wings at either side we have Chris Dover’s guitar work that weaves and implodes across the music like a bad genital rash with the histrionics of Ryan Mallinson’s Joe Perry. Jonny Lyons holds a presence of thunderous explosion on bass whos freedom to add the groove is held together by Andrew Barnes on drums. Thus providing a rhythm section to rival any.

This Black Velvetine formed in late 2002 through a healthy obsession in the dark side of rock at various watering holes in and around Leeds. Ryan, Chris and Andrew emerged from the same school that spawned The Glitterati and the chunky bird from Fame Academy 2003.

Previously known as The Noise, This Black Velvetine have played in cities such as London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, York, Sheffield, with names like Jetplane Landing, Five Horse Johnson, The Ga Ga’s, Drive Like you Stole It, Laika Dog and Gold Cash Gold. They have been releasing records independently through local record shops and over the internet that have sold well whilst been featured on many local websites and fanzines such as leedsmusicscene, Sandman magazine and the Yorkshire Evening Post.

This Black Velvetine are sexed up stadium sized rock n roll making love with every dirty dream you ever had. A shameless live show with glances of the LA rock scene adds to the growing reputation of being one of the best live acts around..