This is an archive of the band profile for Offramp.

Offramp began its musical existence, when the two founder members Steve Wilson and Danny Milikin decided to continue a creative song writing partnership, which began when they met at high school.

The early carnations of the band had started in the form of The Stand; a project cultivating the fruits of Steve and Danny learning to play guitar at the same time and discovering a shared musical interest in bands from the Seattle grunge scene such as Soundgarden and Pearljam.

Following a desire to play gigs in the Leeds area, Offramp spent much time trying out bass players and drummers to compliment the harmonizing two guitar, riff rock that the band had begun to explore in the writing of it's songs. But with the pieces of the puzzle proving difficult to put in place, the band was whittled back down to the two founder members who would concentrate on songs to be complete as a recorded format and performed acoustically.

In 2004 after a string of acoustic gigs including an A.M.P. event at Leeds Metropolitan University’s Met Bar, in which the acoustic two piece more than proved there status as mature and focused act, the band expressed an interested in returning to the live electric arena and with this in mind the search for a rhythm section that fitted the musical direction and the band as a unit resumed.

Soon after the position of drummer was filled by Mike Thrussell. Being influenced by Deftones, Tool, Incubus and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mike brought a harder, funkier edge to the grunge sound that had been cultivated by the band and this new edge was further accentuated by the joining of the 'final' member of the band.

Simon Halls, being a friend of Mike's, a a son of the same city of Norwich and also a student in Leeds, joined the band on the Bass. Bringing such influences as Glassjaw, Rage Against The Machine, Killswitch Engage, and Every Time I Die, the last piece of the Offramp puzzle was in place.

The band has spent the last six months developing new arrangements of existing songs and working on new material and have recently re-entered the Leeds live circuit with a powered vengeance.

Offramp's debut EP is now available from the Leeds branch of HMV as part of the HMV Showcase live unsigned project, the band also has all new songs in the pipeline and are planning more gigs in the Leeds area for the near future....