This is a review of "The Butcher of Castile" recorded by Edward Molby. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

From their debut release Edward Molby have leapt and bounded and delivered 4 new ear slewing monsters of guitar screeching joy. As before, it all owes a lot to The Pixies and many other post-punk outfits. They even find time on "Hooded Rose" to use a guitar sound straight out of The Wedding Present circa George Best.

What are they singing about? Who cares! It sounds like a lot of fun. With songs like the blistering opener "Goats & Monkeys", the positively Mexican vs. West Country medieval "The Butcher of Castille" and the sleazy chant along "Parisian Bondage" there is no reason not to smile as you attempt to decipher their world.

If anything the songs are perhaps a little weighty at times and the guitar solos are not always bonuses despite being well executed. But forget this, just set your feet apart, choose your air instrument (they're all available) and get on with it.