This is a review of "The Upper Class EP" recorded by 9 Volt Shot. The review was written by Danny Martin in 2005.

9 Volt Shot like pissing on rulebooks. Give 'em a standard sound, the endless drone of the London yawn yawn yawn scene and they will rip at it and spit on it. Hurrah for bands like 9 Volt Shot.

“The Upper Class EP” is as unpredictable as it is unconventional. A makeup of fiery vocals and utterly random guitar rifts. Rampant warblings mostly directed at the fairer sex in some way or another. Lead Vox and chief writer Rory Holl (Or Frontman R) must be due an appointment with a relationship counsellor at some point soon.

“Sixing you” is a tale of initial love and lust and then boredom once the prey is in sight, well that’s as far as I can fathom! R’s voice has several levels, no several thousand levels and he hits the notes effortlessly on everyone. Crazed guitar riffs slicing through and the jug, jug bass beat wrapping it all up neatly.

The rest of the EP only strengthens the foundation laid by "Sixing you", tinges of Doors-esque vocals on “Sit tight” mixing it with a beach boys flavour which streaks wonderfully through “Monkey Tennis”. It is impossible not to embrace this EP. Like the fit girl at school, yeah she is arrogant and yeah she talks to you like a piece of crap, but man, you still would.

True future champions of the Leeds Scene in my opinion. Where the hell this bus goes nobody knows, with these 4 crazies at the wheel though it is bound to be a bit of a giggle.