This is a review of "Barstool Preaching" recorded by Lowlife UK. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2005.

First and foremost it must be said that this is pure punk. Not modern day American, high pitched vocals, whining about your girlfriend while you’re at the mall kind of punk but traditional old school British punk. If Lowlife UK were an animal they would be a bulldog. A British bulldog that wears a t-shirt with a picture of the Union Jack on it. This album is not clever, it isn’t pretty and it isn’t going to change the world in the slightest. But what it does do is provide an energetic and passionate social commentary on the way the world is as told by some geezer down your local boozer. The geezer in question has also been in the pub all day and is a tad pissed.

So unsurprisingly first track “Let’s have another beer” praises the delights that go with a night of complete drunken bliss. It’s fast paced, aggressive and completely in your face. A sort of English version of the ever so wonderful “TV Party” by the legends that were Black Flag.

Other songs as angry as they are still maintain some great hooks and plenty of oi oi oi sing along moments. “Ugly & Proud” is the middle finger to the mainstream punk scene with lines such, as “ We’re not a pretty boy punk rock band, a wet dream for the marketing man.” So it is highly unlikely we are ever going to see these gentlemen on MTV wearing eyeliner.

But while Lowlife UK are clearly an English punk band their music at times does signal that there are some potential American influences in the melting pot as well. Black Flag has already been mentioned but also The Misfits and even more so Bad Religion seem to emerge from the noise.

Barstool Preaching does exactly what is says on the cover. A soundtrack to those drunken conversations that are always in the background at your local JD Weatherspoons. If drinking pints sold records than Lowlife UK would have gone multi-platinum years ago.