This is a review of "Daylight Between The Blades" recorded by Last Night's TV. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2003.

After an initial listen to this CD I'm struggling to make myself listen to it again. I kind of want to prove myself wrong that it wasn't as bad as I thought first time round, but it does take me a while before I force myself to slide it in the CD tray again. If it was a 3-track disc then it wouldn't be such a chore but this latest mini-album from LNTV goes on too long for its own good. There's too little variation in style and the vocals are too disinteresting and lacking any real emotion to warm to that inspire repeated listening. Some of the vocal phrasing seems a little forced, as though the lyrics have been written and squashed to fit within the music with a reluctance to relent and re-write some of the words to give a smoother overall feel to the music. American singer songwriters can get away with singing about the streets they live on because they tend to have cooler street names. Well maybe I'm generalising, the much-missed Poontang did manage to mention Vicar Lane in a song without it sounding shite. LNTV forcing a nod to Clarendon Road does smack of "hey it'd be cool to mention a street in Leeds in a song" and then bundling it in without too much real thought. The acoustic noodlings on offer here just don't really have any bite or instant attraction and I'm left with an intense taste of blandness with the phrase "the male Dido" spinning round my head. It's all well produced though so if Radiohead haven't depressed you enough it may be worth you checking it out.