This is an archive of the band profile for It Takes Bridges.

Comprising James Brown on vocals and guitar, Steve Freeman on bass and Harry Dalby on drums, It Takes Bridges are an old-fashioned power trio capable of storming live shows with the minimum of fuss. Long-time friends from the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, their music bears a structural resemblance to the dense, repetitive riff clusters and furious rhythmic intensity of fellow Leeds noiseniks That Fucking Tank and Bilge Pump, but also more evidently betrays a love of pure noise befitting three young men brought up on the melodic chaos of Sonic Youth, Pavement and The Jesus Lizard. For such affable gents, they are responsible for a sound with a considerable edge of menace; as much as their more tuneful moments call to mind early Flaming Lips or Pavement , the larger aesthetic of their work evokes the same feelings of unease, moral horror and bilious rage as Shellac, or Radiohead in their post-Bends incarnation. Greg Elliott.