This is a review of "On Heat" recorded by Malibu Stacey. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2003.

Lyrics. I've never been good in identifying quality lyrics. That is lyrics that others deem to be of any quality. Possibly because I was never good at writing them myself... but what makes this album so enjoyable, music aside, is that it's full of references and one-liners that I just really enjoy hearing or that I find I can relate to. And if I can't relate to them, I wish I could. Every song is written in the first person too which helps. Lyric critics of course may think otherwise, so look away now: "Mr Tom Verlaine is just insane / My Richard Hell could do with some work / But my Johnny Thunders pout is all the rage / I'm an international playboy of some repute / I'm so super fashionable and very cute" or "I'm a rockstar / Where your daughters at? / I'll give 'em a heart attack / I'm a rockstar / I'm very la-di-dah / Give you a riff and a hook / Make all the girls look". And so on. What's interesting though is that the vocalist Jonny Wilson doesn't get a single songwriting credit in the ten-song CD. As for the music well the general delivery is quite up-tempo, and the first two songs race through at a blistering pace. It's rather fun, frantic rock and roll, with the FX disguising any threat that this could be pigeonholed as punk. Occasionally sleazy, sometimes bass-heavy, but mainly it glistens with glitz and rock glamour. In fact, considering that ex-Leafeater and Terrorvision form half of Malibu Stacey you won't go that far wrong by merging the two musically either. It never sits still enough to become tiresome and the fun upbeat element, coupled with the fact its also rather tuneful and sing-along, makes this a strong debut.