This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by O.C.D. (Mark Hadley). The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2003.

O.C.D. is Mark Hadley’s current electronica/live project. Mark was the leader of CYPH3R when he last did Leeds gigs. The nonsense star rating in this case mashes together a demo that goes from the excellent to the not quite ready.

"Who Do U Belong To?" is a ravishing tune with a passionate and sincere delivery. There’s a nicely big bass noise at the start that sounds quite scary on good speakers. It sounds to me like it has huge pop potential (can you write that in a nice way?) For my own taste the rhythm and the guitar sound are on the safe side. I love Jane Hadley’s voice. It adds the thrill of goosebumps to an already compelling song.

"Miserable and Drunk" has a guitar intro on the corny side of the new acoustic movement - but a damped gut string sound is a good idea that works. Again, though it’s the tune that’s the thing. And again, an ethereal second voice is a great addition. Voices, voices, voices. It’s all you need. "Marvin" is a jokey muck about with bits of Paranoid Android and Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy. There a nice calliope sound and a slightly anarchic drum part that I like. It’s amusing and cheerful in an eccentric way. I’ve no idea who likes or buys this kind of stuff. Something to do with dancing.

A rough cut of "Heaven Sent" shows a strong Sting influence on the voice and rhythm. But it is a good tune. "They’re just waiting for their hearts to be broken" is a mournfully fine line. I like it. It doesn’t sound all that rough to me. And final track "For All Time" takes us back to the gentle mood of the opener. It’s not as compelling to me as "Who Do U Belong To?". So that would probably mean "massive hit". Nagging and insistent tunelets run all the way through. It has a very distinct atmosphere that could be made really spacious and mysterious by the right kind of video.