This is a review of "On Second Thoughts" recorded by Ten Seconds Of Chaos. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2005.

Starting off like it means business this CD doesn't fail to get the job done. If you like your drums smacked like the prison bitch, bass throbbing like a teenager reading the Kays catalogue, guitars with more crunch than Capn' and a voice richer than Bill Gates then sign up here.

This is three tracks of soaring rock music that manages to capture all the elements of being radio friendly without sounding bland or faceless. There are moments of screeching, shouty vocals that seem to be compulsary for most of the current crop of American rock/pop/boy bands. Matt Higgins makes them work by using it in short bursts and surrounding them with some powerful, melodious and ultimately uplifting vocals. Bradford 1 Florida 0.

'Face The Problem' is spiky and immediate, there's excellent rhythm to the vocals that create some interesting vocal hooks, creating depth and space in what is ultimately 3 minutes testosterone. 'Apathy Is Easy' exceeds its predecessor simply by having a truly ace chorus. The song is perfectly crafted and instantly will lead you down the path toward TSOC fan-dom. It displays a breadth of appeal, TSOC don't remind me of one band in particular but those who like Jimmy Eat World, Incubus, Hundred Reasons, Foo Fighters, or any other rock band who know how to write a good melody but still keep the volume up at 11, then there will be much of interest on this CD for you.

'Happy Is What I Should Be' closes the CD, slowing down proceedings before bursting out again in a rage of vitriolic beauty. The best surprise I have had all year and you can only hope the next CD will be even better.