This is an archive of the band profile for Military Gold.

The name came to pass due to an ageing vintage piece of vinyl sat rotting away in a record store in Headingly, it was a compilation from a couple of decades back of military marching bands, the band then called 'Lights' upon finding this changed their name to Military Gold. The band had just recently been revived of their keyboardist and samplist so decided to ring the changes.

The line-up currently is: Ben Wilson (drums/vocals), Will John Burgess (vocals/guitar/synth), Eddi (bass/cello).

The gold have played two gigs thus far, one at The Faversham to play at the devine DJ Debstars Fuzzy Logic night. And the second more recently at The Vine supporting Truck Love, who were impressed enough by the Military Gold sound to offer a support slot mid may time at the George Pub. At the time this biog is being written the band are just about to start recording their EP or demo depending on how productive the sessions at Touchwood Recording Studios are..