This is a review of "Legends EP" recorded by The Lost 45s UK. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

This noble self-produced effort from The Lost 45s comprises three 60's-inspired pop offerings. It's a confused sound that irks of a band still developing their craft. There's plenty of The Coral and The Bandits on "Russian Roulette" to keep the current market happy but add Ocean Colour Scene and Paul Weller - as on opener "Legends" - and things don't smell quite so sweet.

Ultimately what holds the whole thing back is the production, which for the ambitious subtleties the band are attempting in their songwriting is just not bright enough to reach the casual listener.

Future polished offerings should be worth an investigation and begin to shrug off the dad rock inroads, but the murky mix here for now does no favours.