This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Kaylium. The review was written by Nick Kearns in 2005.

Hmmm, interesting. On first inspection Kaylium seem to be one to file under the “decent, but not a band to get your knickers in a twist over” section. However, the “repeat” button on one's CD player can sometimes be a wonderful thing. After about the fourth or fifth listen the riffs and hooks fall start to fall into place, and suddenly the whole affair seems a whole lot more appealing.

Taking their cue from brooding riff-orientated metal merchants such as Helmet or early Tool, the overall sound here is dark. That’s dark as in eating a bar of Bourneville down a coal mine whilst listening to Metallica’s Black album dark. Sludgy downtuned guitars are the order of the day, along with edgy stop/start drumming and a powerful female vocal.

Of the three songs closer “Broken Edge” is probably the strongest here; building from a neat little guitar hook that’s almost Perfect Circle-esque the song bounds along with an almost punky swagger and showcases a confident and catchy chorus.

Overall, good points are the ballsy guitar riffs, vocal delivery and the solid songwriting. In terms of improving things from a recording perspective the bass is generally a bit quiet at the expense of the vocals, some parts could be a tad tighter and all three songs have a similar structure in terms of how they develop. Are any of these major concerns? Not at all. As a debut CD for a young band it provides a solid base from which new ideas and techniques can come to fruition. A good start.