This is an archive of the band profile for Lewis Denby.

Brought up on a diet of both popular and alternative music, Lewis Denby began playing as a young child and had progressed to songwriting by the age of twelve. It was a few years later, however, that his passion for the acoustic guitar came to the fore. Writing songs about life - his own, other people's, and in general - he pieced together a self-released debut CD at barely seventeen years old. Although 'Next Year' received mixed reviews, it prompted Lewis to press onwards, writing, recording and performing more music, which would eventually result in 'Lookout Posts and Telescopes', a seven-song stripped-down acoustic record due for release on GrooveStealer this coming July.

On top of his acoustic music, Lewis is involved in a number of other projects. On the side he writes and occasionally performs for an alternative project known as 'BlueSkyResearch'. He is set to sing guest vocals for another project, 'Pictures in an Exhibition, and until their split at the start of 2006 played bass in Leeds band 'Mr. Charming'. With GrooveStealer, he works to promote upcoming artists, predominantly from the Leeds area, and runs live shows for underground bands at some of Leeds' top venues, including Mixing Tin, CJ's Music Bar and The Old Kings Arms.

Watch out for the EP and an accompanying UK tour this summer. .