This is an archive of the band profile for idle decay.

idle decay are a lo-fi scrunge noise duo fr'm Burley 'nd Alwoodley. They play kinda heavy indie rock w'th some no-wave and noise tend'ncies. They'r influ'nced by The Jesus and Mary Chain, Mclusky, Sonic Youth, The Kills, beatniks, th' early 90's, green and how wack th' Kaiser Cheifs are.

They're in th' process of recording a demo,and should be playing the odd gig here and there by summer time. Dee (guitars, bass, vocals, words) is th' small one who smells of incense smoke, and Tony (bass, guitar, words) is th' tall one with cool t-shirts.

They do weird stuff like stick their phones und'r th' bass strings, so if y'work at a guitar shop y'might not wanna see it in case y'get all squeemish. Y'can find idle decay in Hyde Park (especially Feel), Soul Alley records, Jumbo's, Borders, Oxfam, and nev'r, ev'r in Carpe Diem. Come stalk us. Some really poor quality empeethrees should be around soon. We are homies with Th' Let Down, Th' Quietlife, SSA, Imodiom, Dead Like Me and stuff like that. word..