This is a review of "Feisty, Innocent" recorded by Seraphic. The review was written by Gavin Miller in 2005.

There comes a time for all bands to make a CD. Sometimes though, they tend to misjudge the right time to make one.

Take Seraphic for example, a melodic rock band, whose confidence is obviously quite high, their abilities obvious, and their belief in themselves unsurpassed. Which is why I think they should’ve held off from making a CD until they can get it absolutely right.

‘Feisty, Innocent’ is eleven tracks strong, full of ideas and full of promise. It’s just a shame then, that the album is pretty one-dimensional. All the songs sound similar, the recording isn’t great, and the production is a bit shady. A few little ideas get through, like opener ‘You’re Never Happy’ or the sombre closer ‘We Were Young’, but it’s not enough.

Live, I’m willing to bet that Seraphic are great and quite entertaining if you like that sort of thing, but this CD doesn’t do them justice. Why rush and make an album when there’s all sorts of little things to iron out first. An EP or two would’ve been a better idea, if nothing else than to test the water.

The vocals are emotive and clear, the guitars are well played and the ideas are all there, but it just needs that extra bit of dynamism, that extra oomph and that extra bit of quality to make sure it stands out from an already bustling market in melodic rock. There’s something lacking here, so I’d suggest concentrating on honing your skills, making sure you are all absolutely caught up before you attempt another recording.