This is a review of "50's Greaser Uniform" recorded by Piskie Sits. The review was written by Tom Goodhand in 2005.

Last time this reviewer made cautious steps into the music scene in Wakefield, it was full of childish punk and metal bands. It was boring. Now Wakey seems to be crammed with childish pop groups (this is not intended as an insult, don’t take it as such). The Cribs make shoddily magnificent undeniable British pop songs, The Research are probably the most adorable band you will ever see and The Old House are currently making a Libertines-flavoured tuneful racket. Next in line are Piskie Sits. Piskie Sits clearly saw what The Cribs are doing and thought “we want some of that”. Then there was 50’s Greaser Uniform, four tracks of proudly indie off-kilter hook-filled loveliness.

The vocals aren’t perfect, the recording ain’t great, but then that’s what indie is for. It’s refreshing to here something that is happy to flaunt its weaknesses and try and make the most of them. The band are clearly not the most proficient musicians, the songs may owe somewhat of a debt to other bands in their postal area, but Piskie Sits know how to write a catchy song.

On a first listen to this EP you’d be mistaken for assuming it was made by a three-piece. Why? Purely because the best indie-pop is usually made by three pieces. There’s actually six people in Piskie Sits. This is a good thing. Having six members allows them to break away from The Cribs blueprint, use slightly more complex arrangements and build up ‘Lotta Bad Things’ from a simple meander into an explosive finish, with shrieking keys and vocals that are prepared to break any moment.

It is Piskie Sits’ use of two guitars and a keyboard that really makes them stand out. Rather than being just a glorious but throwaway pop racket, we get hints of Pavement, we get sonic variation, bags of melody, and, most importantly, a good time. So there we have it conclusive proof that Wakefield is more than just a pub crawl (and the place that I, regretfully, call home).