This is an archive of the band profile for Warning?!-Achtung?!.

Matt MIller - Lead Guitar, Lead vocals
Sam Fenner - Guitar, vocals
Will Merril - Drums, vocals

The origins of Warning?!-Achtung?! all came from a 15-year-old guitarist, Sam Fenner, hungry for the opportunity to play in a successful band. After the shambolic attempt of his old band PLEX Sam went looking for talent.

Old school friend Will Merril decided PLEX wasn't the place to remain as a drummer and went on a journey with Sam to find a frontman. Being reluctant to join a band 17-year-old Matt Miller, a talented guitarist knew Sam from a local Horsforth Music Centre and met Will through one of his Birthday Parties. The idea of a 3 piece, no bass band was only a mere idea talked about for lesss than a minute, yet it soon became reality as Sam's persuasion dragged Matt into joining the band not knowing he, himself would not only be lead singer, but lead guitarist.

After one practice there was chemistry. 4 Hours practice, 3 songs a few broken cookies and the foundations of a band were created,that band now being... Warning?!-Achtung?!.