This is an archive of the band profile for Jinzena.

Jinzena... we do it our own way - the music that is. No conforming to unwritten rules or daft trends. If it sounds good/mad/Exciting, we USE IT.

Fusing the energies of Indie, Punk, Ska, Jazz and Electro, we’ve fashioned our own fresh, good time sound (also known as Monster Music).

Over the past year Jinzena have played a number of buzzing and successful gigs at the majority of Leeds and Manchester’s most established venues.

We have also succeeded in beating numerous strong contenders to first place in Liquid magazine’s ‘Battle of the Banned 2005'. Our success in doing so was described as "The Alka Seltzer to the modern Indie hangover".

Jinzena and Team Zissou recently came third in the 20/20/2 Vision Music Video Competition where 20 Bands and Film Makers collaborated together for 10 days to make a Music Video. The Video can be viewed here.

Three fifths of us (Sarni – Bass, Gaz – Drums, Leigh – Guitar) hail from North Yorkshire, the other 2 (Anna – Vocals & Sax, Marvin – Synths & perc) from Cheshire. We met at Leeds College of Music in Late 2004 and decided to make Music that's not boring. Our success in doing so been described as "The Alka Seltzer to the modern Indie hangover".

Yes it's a child-like analogy but the name 'Jinzena' originates from the early recordings we made. Bemused by the noise we had made, we hastily christened it Monster Music, why? Because thats how it sounded - a twisted accumilation of mutant musical stylings.

Jinzena - the Jin being Punjabi for monster and the Zene (pronounced ZENNER) being Hungarian for music....