This is an archive of the band profile for Mainline.

Rob Wheelhouse - Vocals
Russ Harrisson - Guitar
Lee Martin - Guitar
Andy Cooper - Bass
Neil Holdsworth - Drums

Mainline are essentially a Indie Rock'n'Roll band but often more than dip their toes into the waters of a wide variety of genres. With a fusion of their many different influences they have created and developed their own sound.

This latest collective was complete in 2013.
With the blues driven guitar grooves of Russ Harrison and Lee Martin, backed by the pounding bass of Andy Cooper and the rhythmic skin bashing of Neil Holdsworth, finished with the powerful graveled vocal tones of Rob Wheelhouse, it's a re-energized and re-vitalized Mainline that is enjoying life.

2013 also saw the completion of their self released album 'Interstellar Rock'n'Roll' and on the strength of this recording they caught the eye of PLASTIC-POP-RECORDS.
In 2014 the band will be recording an EP to be released through the label,