This is an archive of the band profile for Bujidao.

The name Bujidao reflects the broad eclectic background (read: totally confused self perception) of the two founding members David and Laurence Budd during Bujidao’s inception. Having played and sung together for the best part of 20 years David and Laurence decided to make it official in the spring of 2003 and went on to perform as an acoustic duo at venues in Manchester and Leeds until winter 2005. During this exploratory period, David and Laurence were able to develop the unique sound of bujidao and become a solid performing, and prolific writing, duo.

Early 2006 has seen the addition of a cellist in the form of Tomas Du Plessis, an anthropology student at the University of Manchester, and percussionist Jo Birch who, as well as being an incredible drummer, also brings expertise as a professional sound engineer and producer to the band.

Bujidao are appearing at venues throughout the North West during the Spring / Summer of 2006, including: Manchester’s Late Rooms and Night and Day Café, Leeds’ Joseph’s Well and New Roscoe, and as far afield as the Dart Music Festival in Dartmouth in May..