This is a review of "Fighting Your Soul EP" recorded by Chapter Thirteen. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2001.

"I don't need your cure for illness, This disease is keeping me from falling", reflects a poignant insight into the continued striving for deserved recognition from Chapter Thirteen. The five-piece have no inclination to compromise their individualistic sound for the sake of a few more fans; sticking with what they do (and they do it well) is clearly the way forward for personal satisfaction. Ignoring the odd bass line here and there, their self-comparison to "the groove of Stone Roses" appears nonsense whilst within the same biog "Bends-era Radiohead" hits the nail on the head. Mix that in with a clear desire to rock - imagine, at times, a less full on Muse - in a recognisable and well-defined quiet/loud order. Other than a band name that is in urgent need of being changed there's not much here to complain about; the well-produced demo CD features strong enough songs to retain interest throughout without tiring on subsequent plays.