This is a review of "s/t" recorded by The Glitterati. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2005.

Guitars. Lots and lots of guitars. Leather, screaming girls, sweat, passion, sex, sleaze, bourbon. Just some of the things that pop into my head when I think of the words Rock n Roll. A new addition to that list would be 'The Glitterati'. With this debut album, produced by Mike Clink who was behind Guns n Roses albums amongst others, The Glitterati manage to epitomise all that we think of when the words Rock n Roll are placed together.

From the adrenalin rush of opener 'Betterman', the pounding beat of recent single 'You Got Nothing On Me'  and then the slinky sway of 'Heartbreaker' the band keep the grooves flowing like whiskey as the guitars wail like the 16 year olds on the front row of the bands' gigs. Vocalist Paul Gautrey's smooth voice switches in an instant to a demonic howl to raise the songs in the choruses, best displayed on 'Do You Love Yourself?'. 'Back In Power' features beefy riffs and a lazy beat that lets the song strut along with an air of cockiness and confidence. 'Still Thinking About You' is the standout track, from the moment Gautrey's vocals bring in the rest of the band it's 4 minutes of sheer musical quality. The band have great middle 8's, something that all great 80's rock bands had and sadly seem to have been spurned by the modern generation. The band manage to give their songs a nice little spin in the middle before crashing back into a final chorus and destroying any chance of getting these songs out of your head.

'Don't Do Romance' and 'Keep Me Up All Night' slow proceedings down, giving variety to the album and providing respite for the amps which have been cranked up to eleven. Lyrically it's all standard rock fare "All the lovers ended up in threes"... "you're under my skin, or inside my bed"... mostly they talk of sex, relationships or general hedonism like all good rock songs should be. It's not Bob Dylan but that's not what's required here.

This is a great debut from a young British rock band who have managed to capture the energy of their live shows and delivered an album that should see itself sitting on the shelves of many a rock fan across the globe.