This is an archive of the band profile for Fulibulbus.

Fulibulbus is made up of The Creature, The Camel and Odd Robgoblin – namely John (age 22 - guitars, vocals and synths), Ant (age 22 - bass) and Rob (age 21 - drums and samples). We’ve been good friends since the dawn of time and as musicians we’ve been playing on the local/national scene, often playing in bands together or at least sharing a stage since we were small. Much of the music consisted of rock and metal which was great for gearing up a crowd, but we wanted to go one step further concerning audience participation!

At a very earthly festival near the Scottish borders in the summer of 2004, it began to dawn on Ant and John that DJs seemed to have the upper hand in pleasing crowds and through a haze of fields, tents and strange beings, the idea of fulibulbus came to be... a band that would captivate audiences and give good cause to dance, appealing to everywhere from rock venues to reggae dancehalls to raves.

With a new approach, lots of jamming soon followed between guitar and bass. Drums were needed (good ones!). John and Ant had a mate, Rob, who happened to play drums. A full jam was organized and the result was three very excited musicians. We have since played many gigs to be met with great response and appreciation for a party atmosphere.

The music we play comes with an array of influences including Lee Perry, Irration Steppas, Jimi Hendrix, Systemwide, Kyuss and The Prodigy. It can be noted that much of this influence comes in the form of dj/computer-based music. This we are attempting to recreate with our humble instruments, utilizing the structures and forms in our own fulibulbus way.

Dub reggae has formed quite an integral part of our set (and is a bit of a specialty) and we are also aiming to emulate the build ups, banging beats and euphoria of dance music. There’s a few other things thrown in the mix too. have a listen...?.