This is a review of "The Bedroom Budget Demos" recorded by Luke Hirst. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

The clue is in the title and should carry the sub-clause “Therefore all erratic production and lo-fi levels are automatically forgiven”, got it? Good, on with this innocent collection from the prolific Luke Hirst, who may or may not be known to you by the stage name of The Saint.

Opener “Drop Me a Line” opens with a vibe and shuffling drum loop that conjures up The Bees or George Harrison, like a happy accident this start is full of promise and although the song carries too much excess weight at 6mins50, interest levels are maintained. Happy accident? Surely, for skip forward to track 4 “The Woodmen” and it’s hard to conceive that this is the same artist. Now it’s all painful lyrics and wooden melody. All that vibe has been replaced by awkward post-rock ramblings about men who come after you in the woods and live in log houses? Not a popular subject and with good reason... it’s total nonsense!

If this had been left at just the 2 opening tracks what a different impression of Luke’s talents there would be in this review. Instead the aforementioned “The Woodmen”, the Dylan gone wrong “Poem for Students, Cynics and Dreamers” and the just dull “Satellite Heart” means it’s “a could do better” rather than “promising effort”.