This is an archive of the band profile for Hoover Dams.

Signed to Halifax based Belle Records Bradford's Hoover Dams arrived on the scene in 2005 sharing their early stages with the likes of Bad Beat Revue, The Playmates and Forward, Russia.

Winners of Channel 4's Harvey Goldsmith Presents series winning the prestigious title of Harvey Goldsmiths (Legendary Live Aid promoter) Entertainers of the Year and regular gigging up and down the country has gained Hoover Dams a reputation for blistering, unpredicatable live performances managing to blend pop songs, distorted guitars, a diy mentality and entertaining live performance to create catchy scuzzy pop tunes.

2010 saw the release of latest single 'Go!' on Belle Records. The accompanying video was featured on the late great Frank Sidebottom's TV Show - Timperely TV

Hoover Dams have supported in the last couple of years the likes of - Forward Russia, Pulled Apart By horses, The Sugars, Napoleon IIIrd, The Lost Boys, Whiskycats, Luke Leighfield, Stateless. Middleman. Buen Chico...

What they're saying - Cool Noise Website - 'Intense and claustrophobic music from Bradford. Extra proof, as if anyone needed it, of the Leeds/Bradford axis of musical accomplishment. More edge than a very edgy thing.'

Vibrations Magazine - 'The Hoover Dams create refreshing indie Rock'

Frantic Corduroy Website - 'What is this low-fi loud guitar love-in and where has it come from? Bradford, apparently. it's catchy, it's interesting, it's a little dark and it sounds like the track was recorded on an old Memorex cassette found under the passenger seat of someone's car - but the lo-fi feel goes well - it's a bit dirty and you want it to be that way. Who wants to feel all shiny after some gritty loud guitars? More like you need a shower and a good scrub. But hell, you're alive' 9/10

Mono Magazine - 'Hoover Dams swirling unison riffs engulf the whole club - its fucking loud and its fucking good ... there's depth, intrigue and more importantly DANGER here ... Go and see the Hoover Dams soon.'


Please watch the brand new Frank Sidebottom TV Show, its ace, you know it is, it really is!! Our video Go! features in this epidsode of which we are very proud. Also look out for Doug's head in the opening sequence -.