This is a review of "Flagrante Delicto" recorded by The Boy Tate. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Eighteen months since their last outing The Boy Tate return with a 15 track long player of sweet stripped down melancholy. For those unfamiliar with the bands sound it’s best to imagine Keane playing Mull Historical Society or Badly Drawn Boy songs with a small dose of electronica and a pinch of folk. Occasionally the band wander into the territory of those masters of quiet and strum, The Trembling Blue Stars.

The effect is one of Indie-lite, perfect for background music and very gentle on the ear. Does it capture the imagination? Not particularly and the stripped down approach usually consisting of one vocal, a piano or guitar and a ticking drum loop means there is little depth to get in to. If the band went a bit further down the electronica road and occasionally altered the sound from the softly softly approach then this may challenge a little more.

Nothing overtly stands out from the 15 on offer but “The Work Between Together” works well and “Me & This Heart” is well written and executed pop balladry. On a final note the band deserve an award at least for their incredibly inventive artwork which mimics those horribly American “jumpers tied round shoulders” front covers that only the Readers Digest seem able to stomach, very amusing.