This is a review of "The Hallowed & The Heathen" recorded by Send More Paramedics. The review was written by Paul Geary in 2003.

The rotting undead have once again unleashed a strain of bastardised Slayer-worshipping Bay Area hardcore onto the unsuspecting masses. Everything is in place, from the gothic organ choir music intro to the abundance of 80's thrash head favourites, the pinched harmonic. Strap yourselves in, it's gonna be a blast.

The overall production to this latest offering is a little cleaner than the debut but the vibe to the album is still straightedge pioneers Minor Threat meets 80's metal gods Slayer. Gruff barked vocals that easily could be Ian MacKaye gargling with an acid mouthwash followed by a vinegar chaser. The guitar work is truly fantastic, from double quick time muted chugging to full on Slayeresq shredding, it's mind-boggling stuff, the only comparison I can come to for the speed and technical ability on the guitar work would be Propagandhi's Chris Hannah.

This album is a little more progressive than the earlier offerings, breaking the full on thrash hardcore, with full on epics like "The Time Before I Turn", which shows this band not to be a one trick pony.

Lyrically, you get the usual gore drenched post apocalypse Zombie theme. I think I may be dumbing this down, maybe the Zombie is a metaphor for all the brainwashed slaves out there, and the pessimistic view that we are all destined to 2.4 children, a house in the suburbs, a job that we fucking hate, 2 cars in the drive and 2 weeks in Zante every year, being brainwashed by the media that this is our ultimate destiny. Just like brain dead Zombies. Or maybe they just like Zombie films and playing thrash, I dunno - make your own mind up. What ever the case may be, this is ace beyond aceness! Get it bought!