This is a review of "The Flame of Flames" recorded by Galitza. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Shed a tear Leeds, wear a black arm-band and mourn. Galitza, Wrath Records secret weapon are soon to be no more. Saturday 14th May at Joseph's Well will see them bid you all a fond farewell and what a sad loss it will be. As if their past exploits were not proof enough, they must leave us with a superb record just to ensure we truly know what we’ll be missing.

From the upbeat guitar excellence of the wonderful “I do ladies” to the brooding contemplation of “Whitby by the sea”, this five song au revoir gives you a little taste of everything it was to be Galitza. Mention too the macabre waltz on “Out In the Woods” and the pop-tones of “Our Descent” which causes a double take back to The Landspeed Loungers.

Emma Bob and Steve Gonzales effortlessly juggle the vocal duties and if you close your eyes you can believe nothings wrong. “Electric pick-ups changed the face of everything” opens closer “Whitby by the sea” as they reflect on their time. If you have been in a hard working band it’s a brother and sisterly plea to all hold hands. Splendid!

We salute you Galitza, may you return in many other guises to brighten our future lives.