This is a review of "Horrible Face" recorded by The Scaramanga Six. The review was written by Rory Holl in 2005.

Sweet sounds but with a raw quality, then biting operatic bitter vocals crooning "Where did you get that horrible face?" Then a soaring heartfelt chorus yelping out "You ugly ugly cow!"

The Scaramanga Six certainly know how to bend the rules of pop music and when they do it it still create a very successful end product. The raw sounds of the guitars and the real clanging bass sound contrasts well with the string sounds, if you thought of Frank Sinatra mixed with Queens Of The Stone Age mixed with a man getting a corkscrew jammed in his head then, as unpleasant as it sounds, Horrible Face is a fine tune and The Scaramanga Six are one of the many good bands on the infamous Leeds Wrath Records label.

The sinister sounds of Elemental has a real progressive feel yet retains that commercialism to keep all ears interested, and I really do love this guy's voice! Stints of early Barrett-esque Floyd gives a real spacey feel to things, yet I tend to be comparing to other bands here but these guys have a very raw and original sound that I admire.

The third track - The Throning Room - is a real rock and roller with that amazing bass sound plodding throughout again, which sounds like The Rolling Stones rolling through a cheese grater then meeting a less heavy Misfits at the other end, yet I would say this track is the weakest of the CD and doesn't really grab my attention as much after a minute or so into the song.

This is by far a very good CD, not something I would listen to every day but I sure do appreciate their talent and their unique sound, good work fellas.