This is a review of "Animal Love" recorded by Naked Flames. The review was written by Rory Holl in 2005.

To say this is a comedy-metal record, I didn't find anything particularly funny or metal about Naked Flames' new album, okay so there a few bits that made me chuckle and brought a smile to my face but I'm quite miserable as it is so it really wasn't enough to keep my attention throughout. The playing isn't that great, with the guitars often straying away from the rhythmn of the fairly decent drumming. Tracks on this album that stand out are the solid rock 'n' roller of "Clone My Bone" but the weak vocals don't really do it any justice, and "Teewat You Like a Lady" gives a Black Sabbath feel, but when the screeching goblin-like vocals come in it kind of spoils it and makes it frankly quite unbearable to listen to. One of the songs that really gave me a bit of a laugh was the aptly named "He takes it up the Gary" - I can't imagine what that is cockney slang for! But with the song being sang in terrible cockney accents the comedy soon turns to embarrassment. The last track "Michelle" certainly was a treat though with some very random ramblings about wanking in a hanky over someone and calling people cunts. I would say to these fellas, I bet you could be good live in the odd pub and club where people pay to see a comedy act but releasing a record is not a good idea, and I am sorry if you have paid a lot of money and spent a lot of time recording this album but it hasn't really shined through, the production is rather shoddy at times, you have potential to be great stand-ups but just don't try making an album when musically, you aren't that fantastic.