This is a review of "Scatter the Shrapnel" recorded by Dead At 27. The review was written by Hannah Gurnett in 2005.

"Scatter the Shrapnel" is the second EP from this Halifax based band and featuring a wah guitar heavy, punked up version of the Grange Hill theme tune, this is a band who aren’t as morbid as their name suggests. Dead At 27 are named after, you guessed it, the surprisingly high number of rock stars to die at twenty seven, its Jimi Hendrix’s influence of all of them which is apparent here though, showcased to best effect on "Lust Cocaine" and adding bluesy riffs to the bands up beat punk sound.

Opening track "You Know You Like It" grabs your attention right away, a catchy two and a half minutes of pop punk complete with plenty of na na na’s to sing along to while "Nothing more" is a darker track showing a more sinister side to the band with a teen angst anthem feel and lyrics like “In the dark I see a silhouette, my body’s aching as it fills up with regret”. In keeping with the wide variety of styles throughout the EP "No Surprises" is a loved up acoustic number which makes the most of lead singer Paul Carroll’s laidback vocal delivery. "Scatter the Shrapnel" closes with its heaviest track "Things we’ll never do again" and gives the band a chance to show off their skills with some impressive playing from every member. All in all, a decent EP from a young band who’re developing a very interesting sound.