This is a review of "A Twist Of Fate" recorded by The Prototypes. The review was written by Will Zebka in 2005.

I can’t fathom The Prototypes. A Twist of Fate comprises four songs each of which have their own unique style. We start with punk, drop into funk, go through fuzz and finish with wah, wah, wah. By the end of it I’m lost.

Although lacking high quality production the first track, Brain of Britain, reminds me of Oasis’ Bring It On Down. A barrage of spiky riffs and punk rock power chords it meanders through the ramblings of lead singer Matt and drops us off with a thump.

Where next? Stevie Wonder of course. Funk soul brother get down to Why Do You? A cracking little tune that sees the singer’s voice find its feet. The best of the CD.

Silhouettes features a great fuzz bass intro which sets the song up for a fall as it never really goes anywhere else, except an overlong guitar solo as guitarist Dazz decides to do a spot of Jimmy Page without really pulling it off.

We end on the title track A Twist Of Fate. Again it begins well with an eerie intro but the song loses the plot as the band wander off into their own jam session. Leave it in the garage fellas.

The Prototypes aren’t a bad band. They’ve got some good ideas and are certainly difficult to pin down but the CD features two too many songs and it’s just too long for it to be fully enjoyed.

I’m off to give my head a rest.