This is a review of "Room 101" recorded by DanMoFo. The review was written by Danny Martin in 2005.

Dan MoFo quotes “Our style has been described as very laidback and completely fresh and original”. To whoever said this I must disagree. From early “Radiohead” to “Gomez” through to the uber-bizzare delights of “Mudskipper” this album oozes influence and impression. Fresh and Orginal are throwaway remarks which piss me off because they seem to come from a viewpoint that carrying a mentor's influence is a bad thing? It isn't. In my opinion MoFo are far from orginal; however, they are rather excellent.

Haunting lyrics and dark somber, melodies pregnate this album. Vocals straining to be beautiful amidst a mess of bittersweet kamikazee symphonies. The work put into these tunes is astonishing. Acoustic heartbeats, delightful guitar picks and a never-ending array of devine effects that would make Moby dribble. Standouts include the glorious “Everman” which seems to float through the air effortlessly and the truly jawdropping “My little Lung”. 1 minute 13 seconds of blissful candid lyrics and superb guitar work - “Well it's not over now, cant you see I'm not done. If I stop breathing would you blow up my little lung”.

Homemade and homegrown. Yet produced to a standard out of reach for many already established bands. Seriously folks, MoFo are deadly serious about this and have wittled out a little beauty here.