This is a review of "La Noche De San Juan" recorded by Los Guys. The review was written by Danny Martin in 2005.

Get yer fake afro on and don you best platforms. Los Guys have in “La Noche De San Juan” delivered what is a truly unique offering, a danceathon jazz fest which spins around your head like the supergran theme once did. I am a little punk boy, but today I am going to delve in and dance around like a 70s kid in a French Discothèque, if you don’t mind.

This album is released on the back of some acclaim for Bradford throwbacks Los Guys, whose band line up reads like a page from a Mexican restaurant menu (skin basher “Tequila Mockingbird” to name but one). Indeed they have won muchos praise – quote: “On tour in the Netherlands, we were named Official Band of the High Times Cannabis Cup 2004!” Yep, 1 second of listening to this album and I can see why.

Pure party electronica, plenty of raw funk and the odd dashing of vocal beauty. “Assassin of youth” harps this listener back to the sweet memory of “Deelite’s” mesmeric “Dewdrops in the garden” - vocal delicacy streamlining its way through quirky beats and whoops and whistles. This beat bleeds through the entire offering, “La Noche de San Juan” as an album is a stunning example of creativity meets passion.

The soundtrack to my life, no chance. The soundtrack to a random Saturday night’s shindiggin. Most definitely.