This is a review of "Rosebud" recorded by Hayashi. The review was written by Danny Martin in 2005.

I’m going to cut pretty quickly to the chase, this debut album is pretty shocking. Or should I say becomes pretty shocking as after then first few bars I really thought I was in for a treat.

“Tears” starts of superbly, smooth bass and snare beats and some delightful opening samples have the real foundation to a classic drum and bass meets soul, Morcheeba-esque offering. And then sadly the vocal appears.

I am not saying vocalist Rae Evans can’t sing, far from it. Her voice is lucid and warming with really soft undertones. It just seems like the vocals are a bit of an afterthought. A solid musical bass, and competent vocals merged together but with no real thought to how they will sit. It just doesn’t sadly and sounds bad, and Jesus we are only on track 1.

I am not sure of the history of this band, it wouldn’t surprise me if they had played musically together for a while and recruited a singer in order to try and launch themselves more formally. But in my opinion it doesn’t sit well, forcing something that just doesn’t work. Square peg, round hole.

Song 4 “Severin” has a really awful vocal ending and that nearly does me in, any glimmer of enjoyment drains away as the tracks go on, even more laboured and harsh with ever passing vocal screech. I have tried hard to find a standout but I cant, I suppose if any “Tears” would be it as individually the components are attractive.

A woeful album in my opinion, and remember throat jumpers, it is only opinion. I will aim to see Hayashi live in the near future but until then ...