This is an archive of the band profile for Evile.

Evile are: Matt Drake - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Ol Drake - Lead Guitar
Joel Graham - Bass
Ben Carter - Drums

Evile are a Thrash Metal outfit from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in the UK.

Founded by old school friends Matt Drake and Ben Carter, and after playing
with different guitarists and bass players for a year or so, Matt's brother
Ol was asked to join as lead guitarist. After a short search for a bass
player The 3 were contacted by Mike Alexander via an ad in a local guitar
shop, and the band was formed. With every member contributing to every
aspect of the band they have a uniqueness and strength which gives them a
cutting edge, influenced by bands such as Sepultura, Exodus, Metallica,
Annihilator and Slayer to name but a few, Evile have created something that
the metal world is crying out for. Despite being un-signed at the time,
Evile were hand-picked to headline the second stage of Bloodstock Open Air
06, and also to open the main stage of Manchester's own Damnation Festival.

In October of 2006 Evile signed to the legendary Earache Records, label home
of such Metal legends as Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Municipal Waste and

Evile would go on to record their debut "Enter the Grave" in Copenhagen's
Sweet Silence Studios with Flemming Rasmussen of Metallica fame at the helm.

Kerrang! dubbed Evile to be "Carrying the genre's whole 'revival' on their
shoulders", with other positive reviews from press such as Metal Hammer,
Terrorizer, Zero Tolerance and Classic Rock Magazine. Metal Hammer also
included Evile in their second "Get in the Ring" competition, which saw 4
bands battle it out in a boxing ring. Evile would go on to win the
competition aired on Rockworld.TV.

Aswell as supporting and touring with bands such as Machine Head, Sabbat and
Sanctity, the band went on to be main support to Megadeth on their European
"Tour of Duty" in Feb/Mar of 2008, being warmly greeted by the crowd. The
band also went on to support legendary Thrashers Exodus on their 2008
European Tour in April which in the same month saw Evile's "Thrasher"
included on Xbox360/PS3 videogame Rockband.

A 2008 tour with Satyricon was cut drastically short when Ol, due to health
problems, collapsed breaking his jaw and cutting open his chin. His beard is
said to have saved him.

Headlining the UK, and several European Festivals in 2009 would mark the end
of touring for "Enter the Grave".

The second chapter in Evile's history comes by the name "Infected Nations",
produced by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir), original artwork by
Michael Whelan (Sepultura, Obituary, Stephen King) and released via Earache
Records worldwide. "Infected Nations" is Evile's modern take on Thrash
Metal, and finds the band coming into a sound of their own.

"Infected NationsĀ² went into the top 100 album chart in the UK after its
release on Sept 21 2009. Evile played a release show on 25th Sept 09 at
IslingtonĀ¹s Bar Academy and then embarked on a 2 month long European tour
supporting Amon Amarth with Entombed. After playing 2 headline shows in
Germany they reached Scandinavia and disaster struck when Mike Alexander
(1977-2009) bassist of Evile collapsed in Lulea Sweden and tragically died
on his way to hospital from a pulmonary embolism. He was 32 years old.

Evile organised special tribute shows to Mike in Leeds and London in
December 09 and a special raffle and auction where many bands donated items
to raise money including Iron Maiden, Metallica, Machine Head
The band announced they were going to continue. Auditions were held and
Evile subsequently welcomed new member Joel Graham into the fold to
permanently take on the bass duties.

January and February 2010 see Evile embark on on a Europe-wide tour with
Warbringer. Then March they leave for their first tour of the States in
March on the Hordes Of Chaos II Tour w/ KREATOR, VOIVOD, NACHTMYSTIUM and
LAZARUS A.D. Evile then continue in April on Killfest USA Tour w/ OVERKILL,