This is a review of "Andrew/James" recorded by That Fucking Tank. The review was written by Ian Bridge in 2005.

Spazzing two-piece avant-rockers That Fucking Tank return with this 7", released in conjunction with Spanish synth sound merchants Grabba Grabba Tape.

With tracks named after the two band members, 'Andrew' opens with random drum and guitar thrashing before giving way to a rolling guitar riff and pulverising drums. The guitar more than makes up for the lack of vocals, and with riffs ranging from grunge to nu-metal it all contributes to a heady post-rock brew.

The first track bleeds into the second 'James' at some fairly random unspecified point, I think its when the insistent bass string strumming kicks in on the characteristic baritone guitar. This continues for a little while until the final mighty guitar riff bursts off the vinyl, backed up by the first conventional 4/4 drum beat - albeit a stop-start one - brings us to a rocking crescendo.

Although it never quite manages to capture the excitement of the live Tank experience, this release is just infectious, fun and funky.