This is a review of "Heartbreaker" recorded by The Glitterati. The review was written by Rachel Glover in 2005.

Yet another band playing a part in putting Leeds on the rock ‘n’ roll map, The Glitterati are back with the second single to be taken from their self-titled debut album. ‘Heartbreaker’ is a sleazy, overtly sexual, air guitar-wielding anthem that should excite the cooler of cock-rock lovers. Produced by Mike Clink, the comparisons to Guns ‘n’ Roses, though getting a little tiresome now, are clearly inevitable, with the Slash-style riffs and high screaming vocals a primary feature right from the song’s opening.

Though for me this song comes nowhere near the greatness of previous single ‘You Got Nothing On Me’, it is still a catchy number with clever word play and repetition, ‘I think you think we think we are done’, just asking to be screeched back at the stereo. The guitar solos are perfectly executed and placed well after each chorus and the drumming remains precise throughout. Lead singer Paul Gautrey’s vocals vary effortlessly, screeching at the beginning before taking a more melodic approach to the verse and then yelling his way back into the chorus again. You can picture him bounding around stage to this in his skintight trousers, whipping the crowd up into a riotous frenzy.

The contents of the song and that of the video seem to sum up exactly what The Glitterati are about – pure dirt. The old cliché of ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’ couldn’t be more suitable as Paul sings, ‘maybe I should settle down, maybe I’ll just sleep around’ – I know which option my money would be on.