This is a review of "One Look (It's Love)" recorded by Yellow Stripe Nine. The review was written by Scott Walker in 2005.

One Look (It's Love) is the second instalment of YSN’s Conquests project - a project out to rival messieurs Lloyd Webber and Rice. The only thing missing is a West End cast.

All the aspects that made them an under-rated indie band return on the title track with a different face to try again; a Franz Ferdinandesque guitar intro, solid harmonies and an ever-catchy melody. The Greatest Game begins with a snare that wouldn’t be out of place at an army base and blossoms into an air of mystery with its punchy bass and fluctuating vocals. Whether intended to strategically round off a single or build up to the closing act of a musical, I’ll Sing With All My Heart suggests determination in its title and via the crescendo to the chorus. And it certainly does its name justice because that’s exactly what singer Wurlitzer and drummer Knox do.

The addition of keyboards and synthesisers in a band is quite a risky move especially when they replace driving guitars. But with the tag of potential stage musical looming over the head of Conquests, those additions immaculately fit as music and fictional context.